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A New Beginning: Surprise Package

A new beginning chpt 11
“Hey guys, looks like we have a plan.” Blake says right after my little greeting.
“What?” I was caught suddenly off guard, what plan? Me and pretty much everyone else gave him a blank stare.
He notes this and says with a slight frown “What? Isn't it obvious?”
I shake my head at him “Not everyone of us is thinking on your terms of tech Blake.”
He returns with "I know that, but think about it. The nanny bots, the infected. It all makes sense." I just give him another blank look.
He mutters "Depths of the void." And points to Alex. "Now I'm not impressed. The point is, the nanny bots said were disinfected." Wait
And then it clicks for me "Disinfected? But how did that even get accomplished?"
Blake goes on to explain "The light. From what Roxanne sent me, the virus can be removed from the host cell, but you need to be very precise. One advantage of a quantum wave teleport is it's precision."
Alex crosses his arms "Thank you for revealing what
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A New Beginning: Ch 10
Chapter ten:
Blake Indigo:
Earth, In-orbit above Texas; Local time: 5:42pm Friday, the 13th of May, 2033
“Yeah. We may have to.” I said noticing a large door open by Ryan’s perch, big enough for him to fit though but it was still a tight squeeze. The corridor it lead down was slightly bigger, and two humanoid robots, easily ten foot each came towards us. They weren’t the same model as the nannybots, but they were a more resent model, despite the fact they had accumulated a bit of rust. I’d say it was about twenty years since they saw the factory line. That’s old for a robot.
I ran under Ryan for a better look. They’re chassis where orignalinly a bright green colour, but that gave way to a mismatched orange before someone tried it with blue. They had led lights for eyes and their hands consisted of two fingers and a thumb. They didn’t look happy.
“Come with us now.” The left one said seriously aiming a shou
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New beginnings 9
So here we are, just accomplished one of the things we sent off to do, and then we have to stop that and turn it back on. This is messed up, but at least I can ask Blake what's going on.
“So I'm going to ask the biggest question, why did you have us turn the magnetic propulsion back on Blake?” I say over the speakerphone.
"Well, turning it off would have fired us. We found the generator. Open Ion Fusion, and with this design, it doubles as the secondary propulsion." Good explanation, though I had no idea what open-
Alex meanwhile interrupts my train of thought with "I think I turned that secondary propulsion on. Meanwhile a pressing question, this ship has open ion fusion?"
"Yeah, ions being bombarded into each other into it's own personal sun. Hydrogen into Helium into Sodium ex-cetira. And it's a good thing you turned it on slowly. We only got a few flares." Miniature sun? That sent a bad feeling straight down my spine to the tip of my tail.
I ask "A few? And th
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A New Beginning: Ch 8
Chapter eight:
Blake Indigo:
Earth, In-orbit above Texas; Local time: 5:34pm Friday, the 13th of May, 2033
“Be careful Blake.” I hear Jamie say before the connection terminates.
I went back to looking at the forest that grew in the adjacent cargo bay. Kate and Ryan continued to stare in utter disbelief. Tomas meanwhile just accepted the fact that what he’s seeing is there.
“That’s a...” She started as we stepped out into the ‘open’ air. It was a giant room, many times larger then the cargo bay we just left. I could see the other side of the room, but the length of it seemed to go on forever. Mostly because it looked like it curved away The balcony that wasn’t designed for fifteen meter long dragons. To get a better look, Ryan had to make a running take off and hover over the... “Forest.” She finished, looking out over the synthesised eco-system.
The forest looked remarkably like a tropical rainforest
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New beginings 7
Falling through a sudden hole isn't exactly a good description, it was more like being pulled down, and it sucked.
“Ahhh, Damnit!” I try and get my wings open just as I realize I was falling, but they caught at the sides, and the vacuum from the hole was pulling me down, and so I was the first down the completely random hole. The attempt to open my wings was a good one, as it still managed to slow me down... until Tyler slammed into my back.
“Oof!” I hear his wings try and mimic my trick but they were too large for the area and it only allowed whoever else who fell into the hole to hit him in the back.
Suddenly we weren't in the hole anymore, I just had time to register that fact before we all hit the ground... the breath get's knocked out of me, and the world grays a bit. Ty struggles to get up... I take a deep breath when he finally does, both Alex and Jamie land on either side of me, only mildly affected by the fall, probably cushioned by Ty's back, good thin
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A New Beginning: Ch 6
Chapter six
Blake Indigo:
Earth, In-orbit above Texas; Local time: 5:21pm Friday, the 13th of May, 2033
“What the...” Shane began as we all began to fall into the sky at literally breakneck speeds.
-This is the most stereotypical thing to happen all day!- Zael points out before he started cackling with laughter.
-Will you shut up.- Shane shoot back with, but Zael just kept laughing.
This is something I always wanted to try. “Mente Labente.” I yelled, focusing on the darker part of Shane’s mind. Zael’s part of his head. The bolt of light flying from my fingers into his forehead plastered a look of surprise and shock, and an almost deafening roar of pain from Zael, and then a series of remarks I don’t care to recall. I think I may have pissed him off. Too bad he can’t do anything with Shane in control. Besides, If I wanted to, I could switch the two of them at any point.
“Blake?” Called Jamie as I snap back
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New beginnings Chapter five:
Chapter five:
"Guess I had better tell them not to shoot or anything?" I was glad to be back in control... Zael just didn't like him... I climb the ladder up and just as my head pokes above the hole as M16A1 carbine get's shoved into my face, before quickly being taken away...
"Sir! Sorry, We thought you were dead." I look up and see a red drake in military uniform with an apologetic and surprised look on his face. I climb the rest of the way out of the sewers and stand, looking at the array around me, there was a full green quadruped dragon in steel plating laying on the ground behind me, and three more bipedal dragons, each armed with LMGs. The red drake puts a claw to his earpiece and reports that I was alive and at section E-21.
"Close enough, but no, me and Tomas are still alive, but I need you all to put your safeties on and not fire."
"Sir, why?"
"Because we have a few extra people here to help us, and I don't want you riddling them with holes, especially since they saved my lif
:icondarkdrake0:Darkdrake0 3 13
A New Beginning: Ch 4
Chapter Four:
Clair Weli’sol:
Melbourne, Australia, Terra - AEDT: 12:42pm, Saturday, 16th of October, 2010
“Connection Timed-out”
“Damn it Blake.” I hissed. “Pick up the phone.”
I had to admit, I may have been angry. But after a fire drill, Blake, Koraian and Jamie failed to appear. Fire and Rescue had arrived, but they’re not going into the building, just evacuating more people from buildings on the block. What was going on here? First thing that came to mind is a bomb threat, but that would have police involved. Something was wrong.
“Anything?” I called to Joey who appeared from the crowd.
“All I could get out of them was that they were securing the building.” He answered as I dialled again, putting the phone back to my ear again, and getting the ‘Establishing connection’ voice. Again.
“Call her now.” I told Joey. He was already producing his phone to call Roxanne
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New beginnings Three
Chapter Three:
Shane Smith:
You know, life is always filled with surprises, horrors, and shocks... sadly mine seem to always come when i'm out cold.
Melbourne, Australia, Terra - AEDT: 12:16pm, Saturday, 16th of October, 2010
I backroll off the table, wings crunching as I fall into a crouch at the head of the steel table. I stand to find a human looking at me with a bored expression on his face and somone else, I automaticaly think "Infected" and I rear back to deliver a burst of flame. I target the closest one, which was the boy, he realizes what I was about to do and raises his arm to cover his face. My flame rages out and clashes into a field that pops up out of nowhere as the other, who was a girl yells out his name "Blake!"... I stop the onslaught several seconds later. What in the hell was this? The field protecting him dissipates and he says "Didn't expect to be grilled in that kind of way." My jaw drops at the common dismissal at the fact that I just almost inc
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A New Beginning: ch 2
Chapter Two:
Blake Indigo:
Melbourne, Australia, Terra - AEDT: 11:32am, Saturday, 16th of October, 2010
“Blake! Behind you!”
Another one meet the photon blaster’s impact. She was like an enraged ape, limbs flailing in the air, mouth bubbling with blood, her hands and pant suit were drenched with the sanguine liquid, her cat like eyes were eager for more. Strange since levertans are naturally herbivores, the northern ones with matte grey skin were obsessively so. When the blaster’s bullet of light hit her chest, she seised up and fell to the floor. I saw her desk when I found this floor. She was someone’s partner, someone’s daughter.... someone’s mother.
Jamie was providing Koraian with cover fire, throwing stun bolts at anyone with a crazed look in their eyes. Koraian was looking over a moderately sized winged, humanoid reptile in steel armour.
A lycan leapt from the door way, as feral as the day he shifted.
:iconshadowfaller:Shadowfaller 1 14
A new beginning
Normal days, just go out of control sometimes.
Dallas, Texas; Local Time; 3:41pm, Friday, 13th of May, 2033
"Shane, did you order this?"
I look up to see mom holding a box about two feet wide and half as long held under one arm. I was helping fix up the tv they had gotten... oh which was a 56" wall mounted tv, my mom had never been good with electronics and even in twenty years she hasn't improved, though the claws made it a little harder, considering she was a dragon and all.
"Is it from Alex?" she looks and and replies with "Yes" I slide backwards away from the tv and get up.
"Wonder why it came to you... but yes I ordered it from him." I say as I stretch my wings and arms... yes wings, I'm a dragon, what do you expect? The wide open space allows me to reach my full span before folding them back up, the solid black was in contrast to the white walls and ceiling, which by the way was about 30 feet high, big
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Mature content
Suprise package Pt 8-Finale :icondarkdrake0:Darkdrake0 9 40
Mature content
Suprise package pt 7 :icondarkdrake0:Darkdrake0 5 11
Suprise package pt.6
-Sooo... didn't expect this did ya?- The little voice in my head says as I fall to my knees beside my mom.
-Shut up- I think to it
-Mak... oh wait you can, alright... I shuttta the f**k up, but before that, congrats and consider yourself lucky...- The voice goes silent as I stare at my mom... what had she been thinking? I realize that she didn't know that the vial also drove humans insane and killed them. My heart was pounding away as I release a held breath... she was alive, unconscious, and had been turned into a dragon. She was pure white... so much that the light danced across her scales, creating a small rainbow effect, there was plates closely similar to mine that started just below the collarbone and went all the way down... I stand up and grab a blanket off the couch and put it over her, She had a single horn that made more of a ridge than a actual horn, three claw feet and five finger hands and the claws of which were all white like her scales. Her ears were webbed and had a l
:icondarkdrake0:Darkdrake0 9 25
Suprise package pt 5
*Knock Knock*
"Ughhhhhh, just another 12 hours please."
"Get up before I grab an air horn, Shane...Shane?"
"Huh... guess he'll miss the breakfast wraps the-"
"NOOOOO! I'm up! I'm up!"
I hop out of bed at the mention of breakfast wraps...I was starving. Unfortunately when I hopped out of bed my foot gets into a wrong position and slip.
"Ow." I see my mom trying not to laugh as I pick myself up.
"How long?"
"Five minutes" It's then I notice something...
"Where's bullet?"
"She's downstairs staring down Ryan... That dog has to have been trained by someone, or be extremely intelligent because she actually let us know when she wanted to go out, she wiped her paws before going back inside and even turned the tv on."
"Creepy...but dogs have more intelligence than some people think, it how they're raised   that really determines how they act... And I honestly think Bullet is a one-of-a-kind find."
"I think so too, see you downstairs." As she heads out of my
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Suprise package pt 4
-Sunday, febuary 2nd, 1:03 A.M.
I jerk awake at the sound, which was bad because my hind-spikes ended up tearing into the armrest. I pull them out, noting someone had put a blanket over me. I make a mental note to thank who did it later... as for now I tried to figure out what caused that sound.
There it is again! I pinpoint it as the back door. My parent's always lock both front and back doors before going to bed... so it had to be someone breaking in! Well, they had a nasty suprise coming, I slip carefully out from under the blanket and off the couch, barely making a sound. It was dark... I figure my vision had improved otherwise It would have been pitch black to me, (That's why I have a mental map of the house) right now i could just make out the outlines of everything which left me to use my mental map to guide me over to the front door and the light switch. Keeping low I make my way to the panel, keeping an ear out for the intruder... and he made it easy, h
:icondarkdrake0:Darkdrake0 7 11
Colab between Drakdrake0 :icondarkdrake0: and me :iconshadowfaller:
Based on Surprise Package setting, venture into Timeline 16; 2033. A virus has turned half of humanity into Dragons and carriers of it, while the remaining and unaltered half is vulnerable to it's adverse effect; Blood Thirst.
When worlds collide, Lt. Shane Smith will have his weirdest day ever, and Blake Indigo will find something that has been erased from reality.

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Which story should I start first? (See comment for Bios) 

6 deviants said Curse and Effect
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1 deviant said God of War
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Hunter's Moon

To be written and published by Commercial Means:

Welcome to Terra, a world where technology has advanced to the point where interstellar travel is commercially available, where creatures of myth and fantasy exist along side humans and aliens, magic runs wild in the streets, and reaching for the stars is as simple as boarding a ship...

And a place where the flaws of humanity still exist.

It comes to no surprise that people find out werewolves exist. What does is how they became werewolves in the first place, why they were hunted down. And how they were reclaimed their humanity, at the price of their human forms.


Blake Archibald Indigo Steorra
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Species: Caucasian Human/Sun Elf Hybrid with Fire Fae and Rose Vampire Heritage.
Occupation: Time Traveler/Commonwealth Agent(Interminstery Office of Special Projects)
Likes: Karate, Arcane Spellcraft, Rugby, Exotic Worlds, the occasional anti-grav speedway.
Dislikes: People causing the big problems in the worlds, almost always white humans
Current Location: Nightingale Estate, Ashfield, Australia, Terra.
Method of Contact: Though this site, or the fae, Skype or Subspace communications.
Email address:
Steam Name: ShadowFaller

Favourite Quotes:
"Normal is Relative to Reality."
"I can't see the future, I just work there."
"And here I was, thinking it was going to be another dull decade."
"This is so simple, even a monkey can do it. Guess I better have at it then."
"BA... *Coughs* Ok. I've spent way too much time with dragons."
"It's one thing to see something inhuman as a monster though ignorance. It's another to do so out of appearance alone."
"I'm convinced stupidity killed the cat. Curiosity was framed."

About me: In short, I'm a Psychopath, and experienced in spy-craft and warfare. My Best friend is a werewolf, my lab partner is an alien, my gym partner is a dragon, and I share my house with two sun elves and a two thousand year old vampire who moonlights as a doctor.



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